FunFactory Parkstad


Get ready for a lot of fun and excitement! Go paintballing, smashing with paint, graffiti, axe throwing, shooting with gel blaster guns or get rid of your energy in the smash-room! 100% fun guaranteed! Do you think you got enough exercise? Unwind at one of the neighbouring catering outlets.

100% Fun

In one of the three Pump buildings on the event grounds of Schutterspark, within walking distance of Car Park 1 near Brasserie Schuttershüske, you will find FunFactory Parkstad. The place for an active, cool and fun outing from 4 to 94 years old.


Go on an adventure with your team and let the adrenaline rush through your body! In a unique outdoor play area where you get to touch and use everything, the competitive battle will begin. Create a defensive corner, block a passage for the other team or invent your own tactics, while of course respecting the rules of the game. Less bruising risk? FunFactory also offers shooting with gel blaster guns.

Paint smashing – Hatseflats

Liberate the Picasso in yourself! After a brief explanation of different techniques, throw, shoot and splash paint on a canvas. This will create the most beautiful effects and you will have a lot of fun! Highly recommended for anyone from 4 years and up.


Release all brakes! In the Rage room, or Smash-room, you have the opportunity to smash everything you see. In the storage room, you choose the items you are going to smash, obliterate and destroy and in the Smash- room, you go wild with a sledge hammer, among other things. Perfect to de-stress!

Axe throwing

Tough men and women beware: do you like a challenge and do you want to find out if Viking blood flows through your veins? How about a game of axe throwing? After an explanation of tips and tricks and a practice round, the game can begin. A fun activity for centuries!

Graffiti workshop

Design your own tag and learn to spray like a graffiti artist! After an expert tutorial, you will sketch your initials and start working with a spray can under supervision. The result: a beautiful graffiti-art artwork for your home!

Ideal for group outings and children’s parties

Something to celebrate? At FunFactory, there is a fun activity for every age or group composition. Will you go for one activity or mix several? Almost anything is possible. Or how about a combo deal with one of the other attractions in Schutterspark. Enquire about the many options.


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Opening hours

Open all year, every day from 10:00 – 22:00 hours.

Book your activity in advance to avoid disappointment.


Located in Pump Building 3* (parking at P1)
Heidestraat 20
6443 VZ Brunssum (The Netherlands)

+31 (0)6 25 45 75 53 (WhatsApp)

* Walk from car park P1 towards the Pump Buildings, through the gate towards The ‘IJshut’. Follow path to the t-junction, turn right and you will see the entrance on the right.

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My favourite spot

“The benches at the water’s edge near the ponds.

Looking at

the ripples,

I find complete relaxation.”

Moniek Daniels