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Schutterspark is the place to be for outdoor enthusiasts! You can walk across plank bridges over hanging fens and swamp forests. Climb into the treetops. Experience nature barefoot. Challenge yourself on a mountain bike. Maar kun je ook prima fietsen. Jog along the paved paths in the greenery. Search for tracks on the stairs. The narrow paths along the Roode Beek and parts of the forest invite you to play and romp around. So put on your boots and old clothes and play!

Walk the pearl trail

Look for the pearls on the route markers and discover Schutterspark in 3.5 km. Forests, wetlands, streams, bridges, you will pass it all when you follow this route. Answer the questions on the information boards and learn more about this area. Highly recommended for children! Pram-proof (if you skip the climb past the nature playground).

Pearl trail
Climbing in treetops

Feel the adrenaline rush through your body! Via ropes, lianas, wobble bridges and challenging obstacles you climb from treetop to treetop. You then descend to the slope of Schutterspark using the ziplines. The climbing routes vary in difficulty so that children from 5 years of age (accompanied by an adult) can enjoy themselves too!

Adventure Park het Plateau
Walking barefoot

Experience nature through your toes! Experience the grass and sand, the springy earth under your feet and the soothing sensation of a mud bath. Real daredevils take the obstacle courses across the pond or balance on the balancing beams. Rain means even more adventure! More mud and rain puddles feel great beneath your toes. An experience for young and old!

Barefoot Park

Get in shape and go for a run in Schutterspark. Most of the paths are paved, so you can enjoy your run carelessly. Tip: do the warm-up by the stairs!

Mountain biking

Discover the challenging Roode Beek Trail starting at MTB Hub Adventure Park het Plateau! Conquer the mine stone mountain of former coal mine Hendrik, ride through forests and stand eye to eye with Scottish highland cattle. Many single tracks, switchback climbs and varied natural beauty and views. For beginners as well as advanced mountain bikers.

MTB routes

Axe throwing, crossbow or archery. Apart from a dose of physical exercise, these tough outdoor activities require a lot of technique and concentration. In Adventure Park het Plateau, an instructor will teach you all the tips and tricks. You’ll feel like a real life Robin Hood for a while!

Adventure Park het Plateau

Enjoy swinging, jumping and playing. Have fun at the large playground, the playground at the petting zoo or the nature playground. En dat midden in een bosrijke omgeving!


Put your feet on the pedals! Schutterspark connects the beautiful nature areas Brunssummerheide and Schinveldse bossen/Tevenerheide. Start your bike tour in Schutterspark and discover the beauty of nature.

Bike routes
Rain tips

When it rains, there is also a lot to do in Schutterspark! Have a nice stomp in the rain puddles. Spot earthworms or snails that come out in the rain. And afterwards, warm up in one of the nice restaurants. Tip: walk the barefoot path in the BloteVoetenPark, the mud created by the rain makes walking even more fun!

Barefoot Park
Animal spotting

An adventure in nature! Take your magnifying glass, binoculars and, if you like, a jam jar with air holes in the lid and go on a nature safari! Once you have had enough of looking at the animals, carefully put them back where you found them. Read about all the special animals you can find in Schutterspark on the ‘Nature page’!

Nature page
Sledding or skating

Let it snow! From the former ski mountain (the mountain next to the picnic meadow) you can go downhill at great speed! Are the temperatures below zero? With a bit of luck the natural ice is firm enough (check the news) and you can enjoy skating on the ponds of Schutterspark!

My favourite spot

“”It is wonderful to play under the bridge from the pond to Schuttershüske!

Natural, quiet, beautiful and unspoilt. Favourite spot of my little son, my dog and myself.”

Maloe Janssen

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