Autumn tips


Take a walk or cycling ride and warm up afterwards in one of the catering establishments. Pick up chestnuts, look for mushrooms and collect the most beautiful autumn leaves. Gaze at the autumn colours and smell the scents. Stomp in the rain puddles, spot bats at dusk and watch the squirrels bustle about. Halloween will be big at Schutterspark, so keep an eye on the park calendar (if you dare)!


Come and have fun at Schutterspark! Around October 31st, there are various Halloween activities. From Halloween ghost train on Schuttersspoor, craft activities, Halloween decorations at the Petting Farm to a Halloween tour through the Barefoot park! Check the Park Calendar (in Dutch only) to see exactly what’s on the schedule and join in the creeping

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Mushroom search

Discover the most beautiful mushrooms. Schutterspark is full of them! Tip: take a small mirror with you so that you can also look at them from underneath. Want to see even more mushrooms? Every autumn, BloteVoetenPark organises a mushroom tour especially for toddlers and preschoolers. How many mushrooms can you spot?

Cycling or MTB tour

Discover the autumn beauty of Schutterspark by bike! Or follow the challenging mountain bike trail that starts at Adventure Park het Plateau. Enjoy the autumn colours! Ook dit is Zuid-Limburg!

Bicycle routes
Autumnal walk

Stroll along the Roode Beek, admire the autumn colours in the swamp forest, spot special animals from the decking bridges and gaze at the ripples in the pond water. Discover the traces of the mining past. Search for pearls and walk the child-friendly Pearl Route. Or walk the disabled route. Which Schutterspark inhabitant will you spot?

Hiking trails
Photo shoot in autumn light

Do you like taking pictures? Autumn is the perfect! The light is less harsh, full and warm colours dominate the woods and the sun breaking through the mist produces fairytale-like scenes. Forest, marshland, heathland, hanging ponds, streams and panoramas, you will find it all at Schutterspark. So go out and take your camera with you. What beautiful images will you capture?

Petting animals

The petting Zoo is open every day. You can watch, stroke and feed the animals to your heart’s content. See how the animals get ready for the winter. With so many animals moulting, you might even find a nice feather! If it is not raining, you can still play in the playground. Or walk the gnome trail!

Petting zoo
Climbing over autumn branches

Enjoy the beautiful autumn colours from a great height and go climbing at AdventurePark het Plateau. Once the leaves start falling, you’ll have an even better view of Schutterspark. Cold or rain? Dress in layers and bring a waterproof jacket. The nice thing about the rain is that you get to smell the forest even better. Afterwards, warm up with a cup of hot chocolate at the Almhütte.

Adventure Park het Plateau
Ride mini trains

Choo choo! On dry Sunday afternoons, you can take a pleasant ride along the Schuttersspoor on a regular basis. Take a ride over the steel suspension bridge or through the coal mine tunnel. Train enthusiasts take note: do you have an LGB or Playmobil train? Bring it along and let it ride on the high 1 track rail (bring your batteries). The dream of every child and train enthusiast!

Stomping in rain puddles

Puddles of water and piles of autumn leaves. Put on your rain boots and go stomping in the puddles. Enjoy the splashing drops, the glistening water, the different shades of autumn leaves and the deliciously sweet smell of these autumn leaves. Who can splash the most?

Autumn crafts

Go in search of autumn treasures and collect the most beautiful craft materials in nature. Look for beautifully coloured leaves and twigs, gather chestnuts or pinecones and other fun things. With some glue and paper, you can make the most beautiful creations and bring autumn into your home. That makes hiking even more fun!

Warming up in one of the bistro’s

Rain, sunshine, fog and wind. In autumn, the weather can change any moment. But that does not stop you, does it? After your adventure, warm up in one of the cosy restaurants in Schutterspark. Or enjoy those last rays of sunshine on one of the lovely terraces. And enjoy a little extra!

Hospitality venues
Animal spotting

Many animals are busy preparing for the winter. With the leaves falling and trees becoming bare, it is even easier to spot a Schutterspark resident. Ladybirds and squirrels running back and forth to collect their winter supplies. Because it gets dark earlier, you can easily spot one of the 17 species of bats, which like to live in the various pompputten. They fly their last rounds before starting hibernation. Or spot roe deer and wild boar that regularly come to cross from the Schinveldse bossen to the Brunssummerheide. Which animal will you discover?

My favourite spot

“From the picnic bench you have a beautiful view of the hanging fens.

Also a great place to watch the sunset.”

Jos Truijen

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