Winter tips


Taking a walk is extra fun now, because you can easily spot a Schutterspark resident. Because the trees are bare and many attractions are closed, they are more visible. Sled down the mountain and with a bit of luck the ponds will be frozen over and you can skate! Warm up with a hot chocolate at one of the bistro’s. Enjoy the Christmas decorations and lights, go stargazing or enjoy the winter activities. Check out the calendar to see what’s on!

Winter walk

Breathe in the cold winter air and take a walk on the paved paths and over the decking bridges. Enjoy the peace and quiet of Schutterspark. Spot an animal. Discover the traces of the mining past. Go search for pearls and walk the Pearl Route, which is very suitable for children. Especially in the winter, after all that sitting inside, walking is wonderful.

Hiking trails
Animals in the winter

How thick is a goat’s winter coat? You can find out at the petting zoo. Take a look in the warm stable or brave the winter cold just like the animals. On a beautiful day, you can play outside in the playground. Please note the special winter opening hours!

Petting Zoo
Winter climbing

Want to enjoy an extra adventurous activity? Go climbing in the cold! The bare trees give you an expanded view of Schutterspark. And at dusk, the lights go on and you climb through beautifully lit treetops. Afterwards you can warm up in an Austrian atmosphere in the Almhütte. Da’s pas echt een wintergevoel!

Adventure Park het Plateau

A track in the mud, paw prints in the snow, a pellet left behind, holes, droppings. In winter, it is easier to discover the tracks animals leave behind. So go out and take your magnifying glass with you. Want to find out whose tracks they are? Download Natuurmonumenten’s trail mapor the free trail finder app and get the answer right away!


Let’s wish for snow! Because the mountain next to the picnic meadow is great for sledding! So bring your sled to Schutterspark as soon as there is a layer of white. Snow fun guaranteed! And of course, you can warm yourself up in one of the cosy restuarants in Schutterspark.

Cycling or MTB tour

Real cyclists don’t let the cold stop them! Keep moving and discover nature in Schutterspark by bike! Or follow the challenging mountain bike trail that starts at Adventure Park het Plateau. Be surprised by the varied nature and enjoy the silence of wintertime. Enjoy!

Bicycle routesMTB routes

With a bit of luck the temperatures will drop below zero and it will freeze long enough to skate on the ponds of Schutterspark. Grab your skates, dress warmly and enjoy yourself! Afterwards, warm up in one of the nice restaurants. Fun fact: you are literally skating on a piece of mining history here. These ponds were in fact sedimentation ponds (mud ponds), in which the State Mine Hendrik discharged water from washing the coal.

Spotting lights

Many bistros in Schutterspark are decorated with beautiful lights which make for a lovely sight. Or go on one of the fun trips that are organised. How about the Reflector Walk in the BloteVoetenPark where you search for reflectors in the forest or a torchlight walk from Adventure Park het Plateau? Check the Park Agenda for more.

My favourite spot

“The benches at the water’s edge near the ponds.

Looking at the ripples,

I find complete relaxation.”

Moniek Daniëls

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