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Nature is awakening and all the attractions in Schutterspark are opening again. Enjoy the spring sunshine, spot lambs and other baby animals in the petting zoo. Eat your first ice cream of the season. Search for eggs at Easter. Lose the excess winter weight by jogging along the ponds, climbing the stairs or taking a brisk walk or bike ride. Or how about a photo shoot in spring decor?

Watching baby animals

Newborn goats, bouncing lambs, come and admire all the babies in the petting zoo. Who do you think is the cutest? Walk the gnome’s path and enjoy the first rays of sunshine on the terrace or at the playground.

Petting Zoo
Cycling or MTB tour

See how nature awakens in Schutterspark from your bike! Get moving and lose your winter pounds by following the challenging mountain bike trail that starts at Adventure Park het Plateau. Be surprised by the varied nature and enjoy the heath splendour. Enjoy!

Bicycle routesMTB routes
Spring sunrays

Finally, terrace weather! So put on your sunglasses, take your family or friends along to find one of the nice terraces in Schutterspark. The spacious sun terrace at Brasserie Schuttershüske, the panorama terrace at the Adventure Park, the nature terrace at the Bare Foot Park, among the animals at the petting zoo, at the water’s edge at the MiniHaven or while eating an ice cream at the IJshut. There is something for every ‘terrace lover’! Or find a bench by the ponds, a picnic bench at the picnic meadow or any other sunny spot in Schutterspark and celebrate spring!

Hospitality venues

Come search for Easter eggs, have an Easter brunch, meet the Easter Bunny and join in with one of the fun Easter activities at the park attractions! At Easter, all attractions reopen and the new season starts. That is why there is always a lot to do during the Easter weekend. Are you coming too?

Naar geplande evenementen

The paved paths through the nature reserve make Schutterspark a true paradise for runners. Time to lose the winter pounds and work on your fitness. Do a warming-up on the steps by the pond or fitness equipment at De IJshut and then take a lap (or 2) through Schutterspark!

Visit attractions

Boating, walking barefoot, climbing in the treetops, playing until the sun goes down, petting animals or riding the mini trains. From the Easter weekend onwards, all attractions will be open again. Find out what you can do below! Want to bet that you will not have enough time?

Attractions Schutterspark
Spring walk

Stroll along the Roode Beek, see the first buds on the trees in the swamp forest, discover the first spring flowers, spot animals from the decking bridges and relax while gazing at the ripples in the pond water. Discover the traces of the mining past. Search for pearls and walk the child-friendly Pearl Route. Or walk the disabled route. Which Schutterspark inhabitant will you spot?

Hiking trails
Photoshoot in spring decor

The warm light from a low sun makes spring a perfect season for a photo shoot. The explosion of spring flowers, blossoming nature and more and more sunny days make for a beautiful scenery. So go out with your camera!

Animal spotting

Higher temperatures, longer days and buds on the trees. Winter is over and animals are slowly emerging. Insects, butterflies, migrating birds, you see them appear again. Marsh, hanging fens, heath and woods, you can find it all in Schutterspark! Therefore many animals feel at home here. There are no less than 17 species of bats, which like to live in the various pumping buildings. Or discover the alpine newt, swamp grasshopper and many special butterflies in the hanging fens. Deer and wild boar also regularly cross over from the Schinveldse bossen to the Brunssummerheide. Which animal will you discover?

Playing outside

After the winter months it is extra nice to play outside again! Schutterspark playground will be open again from the Easter weekend. Or go climbing and scrambling at the Romp spot, at the terrace of the MiniHaven or Barefoot Park or have a nice stroll along the Roode Beek. It’s spring again!

Spring showers

What could be more fun than stomping in and jumping over puddles? Feel like a child again. Put on your boots and rainwear and go out in the rain! Warm up in one of the nice restaurants or take a hot shower at home. Fun guaranteed! Tip: take a tarpaulin and plastic bags with you for the car.

Your first ice cream

Celebrate the first sunrays and the rising temperatures with a delicious ice cream! For example, with a traditionally prepared ice cream at De IJshut (where even your four-legged friend can enjoy ice cream). Or buy an ice-cream at one of the many terraces in Schutterspark and enjoy… It’s spring again!

Hospitality venues
My favourite spot

“The benches at the water’s edge near the ponds.

Looking at

at the ripples,

I find complete relaxation.”

Moniek Daniëls

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