Wheelchair accessibility


Are you dependent ona wheelchair, walker or mobility scooter? Schutterspark has many paved walking paths. Discover the beautiful nature or visit the petting zoo. Below, you will find information about wheelchair accessibility.

Wheelchair-friendly route

Discover Schutterspark during a short walking route of 1.7 kilometres. Wander through the woods, along the Roode Beek and discover the stories of Schutterspark. Especially for children, there is much to experience here. You will find this yellow route on the signs in the park and on the map.

Wheelchair accessible locations

Petting Zoo is fully accessible to disabled people. With paved paths, an adapted toilet and a special wheelchair entrance (please call in advance if you want to use the special entrance).


The petting zoo has a fully adapted toilet. The toilets of De IJshut are wheelchair accessible.

My favourite spot

“The benches at the water’s edge near the ponds.

Looking at

the ripples,

I find complete relaxation.”

Moniek Daniëls