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Summer picnics, walking and cycling tours. Schutterspark is bustling with activity in the summer. Fun and entertainment for young and old. Visit the small-scale festivals, stroll along the stalls at the flea market. Enjoy the holidays, cool off in the woods, do yoga on the grass, relax at one of the terraces in the park and enjoy a refreshing ice cream.

Summer picknick

Bring your picnic basket along and sit down on the grass or at one of the picnic tables at the picnic meadow. You can also enjoy a picnic at other spots in the park, such as at the viewpoint at the hanging ponds (see Jos’ tip), at the petting zoo (with entrance ticket) or spot your own spot. Don’t forget to take your rubbish with you and keep it clean!

Play badminton at Schutterspark
Outdoor sports

Play badminton or frisbee at the picnic meadow, jog along the pond or stay in shape by running up and down the stairs. Use the outdoor fitness equipment at De IJshut. Or find a quiet spot for outdoor yoga. Schutterspark is a great place for outdoor sports!

Cycling or MTB tour

Discover the special nature of Schutterspark by bike! Or follow the challenging mountain bike trail that starts at AdventurePark het Plateau. Be surprised by the varied nature and enjoy the heath splendour. Enjoy!

Bicycle routesMTB routes
Flea markets

Flea markets, Keverdagen (beetle days), a small festival or organised walking tours. In the summer there is always something to do at Schutterspark event site! Check hieronder wat er deze zomer op het programma staat!

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Enjoy a bite to eat

Settle down at one of the cosy terraces in the Schutterspark! From the nature terrace in the BloteVoetenPark, sun terrace with view over the park at Adventurepark Het Plateau, pond terrace at the Minihaven, petting zoo terrace, ice cream terrace at the IJshut to brasserie terrace with view over the playground at Schuttershüske. Every terrace lover will find something to his liking here! On the map you can recognise the terraces by their coffee mugs.

Visit all attractions

Boating, walking barefoot, climbing in the treetops, playing until the sun goes down, petting animals or riding in the mini steam trains. All attractions are open in the summer. During the summer holidays almost daily. Find out what you can do below! Want to bet that you will not have enough time?

Attractions Schutterspark
Summer walk

Stroll along the Roode Beek, cool down in the swamp forest, spot special animals from the decking bridges and relax while gazing at the ripples in the pond water. Discover the traces of the mining past. Search for pearls and walk the child-friendly Pearl Route. Or walk the disabled route. Which Schutterspark inhabitant will you spot?

Hiking trails

Bring your fishing pole and your fishing gear and enjoy the peace and quiet on the banks of the Schutterspark pond. Daily fishing licences can be arranged via Hengelsportvereniging Brunssum. Cast your rod, enjoy the fresh air, insects buzzing around and relax.

Get a fishing license
Enjoy an ice cream

Of course, summer also means eating ice cream! How about a traditionally prepared ice cream at De IJshut (where even your four-legged friend can enjoy ice cream)? Or buy an ice-cream at one of the many terraces in Schutterspark and enjoy… Summer can be that good!

Watching the sunset

Do you know those warm summer evenings? Go out and enjoy the evening light. Find a nice spot in Schutterspark (the viewpoint near the hanging ponds for example), take your camera along and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Spotting flowering heathland

Enjoy the purple splendour in August. From Schutterspark you can walk to the Brunssummerheide in no time, where with a bit of luck the heather will be in bloom in summer. A pleasure for the eye and certainly something you should not miss!

Animal spotting

Marsh, hanging fens, heath and woods, you can find it all in Schutterspark! Therefore many animals feel at home here. There are no less than 17 species of bats, which like to live in the various pumping buildings. Or discover the alpine newt, swamp grasshopper and many special butterflies in the hanging fens. Deer and wild boar also regularly cross over from the Schinveldse bossen to the Brunssummerheide. Which animal will you discover?

My favourite spot

“It is wonderful to play under the bridge from the pond to Schuttershüske!

Natural, quiet, beautiful and unspoilt. Favourite spot of my little son, my dog and myself.”

Maloe Janssen

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