De Blije Bij

In this historic house from 1930 by the pond in Schutterspark (where the boats go), you’ll find a real apiary. Beekeeper ‘’De Blije Bij’’ (The Happy Bee) teaches the art of beekeeping. The honey is for sale at various places in Schutterspark or online.

Meet the bees

During the National Beekeeper’s Day, it is possible to learn more about the bees. Let the beekeeper guide you around and learn everything about the bees that live in Schutterspark.

Buy Brunssum honey

Taste it yourself? The honey from De Blije Bij is for sale at various places in Schutterspark. But there is more. De Blije Bij also makes liqueurs with honey, propolis, mead, honey-chocolate spread and much more. Take a look at the website.

Opening hours

During the national beekeeper day, there are guided tours. Check the facebook page for more information.


Kraaienhof 3
6446 DR Brunssum
The Netherlands

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My favourite spot

“The benches at the water’s edge near the ponds.

Looking at

the ripples,

I find complete relaxation.”

Moniek Daniëls